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How to vote?

  1. Go to Cast your vote for The Hague Innovators challenge 2022!
Make sure you select **Reprex** and write in your email (it is safe here.) You need to tick `✅ I'm not a robot'  to be able to select companies.
Make sure you select Reprex and write in your email (it is safe here.) You need to tick `✅ I’m not a robot’ to be able to select companies.
  1. Your vote is not final yet, you must click on a confirmation link to prove that it was you who voted. Go to your email. (Your email is only recorded to avoid double voting, they will not add your address to any marketing databases.)
  1. You receive a text that your code is recorded and you have nothing else to do. (Your address is safe with the municipality of The Hague.)
Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!

How to share the word?

  1. Please share our video message on YouTube among your colleagues and friends.
By pressing the ⚙️ and choosing `subtitles` you can choose your language. If you are there, please leave a 👍, too :)
By pressing the ⚙️ and choosing subtitles you can choose your language. If you are there, please leave a 👍, too :)

The message is the message! We are an ethical data and AI company, and one of our topics is detecting if algorithms are biased towards the English language speakers. We want to teach the computer to understand small languages, and of course, everyone, who is under-represented in data: womxn, former colonial nations.

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2 Retweet our appeal from one of our observatory Twitter accounts. For music audiences:

The same message forgeneral cultural audiences: @CultDataObs; for music audiences: @DigitalMusicObs, for green audeinces @GreenDealObs

  1. Like our LinkedIn page and share our appeal.

  2. Or just send the link to this post from the browser your colleagues and friends.

Why vote for us?

We are finalists in The Hague Innovation Awards with a product offering and a message that big data and AI should work for all: ethnic minorities, small nations, small languages, womxn. We are measuring why certain artists are not getting recommended and paid on global streaming platforms, or why NGOs do not find the right data about fighting greenwashing. We want to help small businesses, civil society organizations, and NGOs who cannot hire a data engineer and a data scientist to fight data monopolies. Who cannot defend themselves from the dark patterns of greedy algorithms?

Get in touch

Check out our events or write to Daniel Antal or to antaldaniel. Or send an email. Thank you!

Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal
Data Scientist & Founder of the Green Deal Data Observatory

Making big data work for everybody.

Andrés García Molina, PhD
Andrés García Molina, PhD
Data Scientist & Ethnomusicologist

Experienced international researcher with interests that lie at the intersection between data science and the humanities.

Borbála Dömötörfy
Borbála Dömötörfy
Environmental Disclosures, Evidence, and Fight Against Greenwashing

I am a competition lawyer and economist, a legal tech enthusiast and lifelong learner.

Botond Vitos
Botond Vitos
Data scientists and developer

Botond is a data scientist and cultural studies scholar with an interest in digital humanities, music research and festival cultures.