We named Eviota after a small fish

The European Union is introducing a ground-breaking accounting standard which will call on about 49,000 enterprises to assess their ‘double materiality’, i.e. both the financial and sustainability impacts of their own activities, as well as those of their buyers and suppliers. Does your company buy cattle or sheep products to produce meat? You must consider the methane emissions of your suppliers. Do you manufacture cars? You must account for the fuel emissions of the buyers and users of your product.

Why Eviota?

We named Eviota after a small fish that lives symbiotically among the tentacles of the mushroom coral. It not only rhymes with our software, iotables, but it refers to the fragile ecosystem of coral reefs: miraculous and beautiful forms of life under threat from global warming. The first step of saving our planet is to objectively detect where your organization’s stakeholders – suppliers, buyers, workers, technology – leave an impact on the environment.

Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal
Data Scientist & Founder of the Green Deal Data Observatory

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