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Introducing Our Service Development Team

Annette Wong

Annette Wong is helping our service development from a digital strategy and marketing point of view.

Why is data important to the work that you do as a digital strategist at an agency?

As a marketing and digital agency, we work with clients to produce and develop marketing campaigns that impact the bottom line. One of the ways to determine the Return-On-Investment (ROI) is through data. By analyzing the data, our team is able to help our clients predict audience behavior and ideally convert them into taking action ($$$).

Currently, I’m working on a music livestreaming platform and everyday we’re always looking at how our campaigns are performing (and measuring their effectiveness). For example, if we’re running a paid campaign through Facebook and if it’s not converting at the expected % that we want, it indicates to us that we need to change our approach. Data gives us the power and freedom to experiment (with minimal risk) and empowers us to make informed decisions quickly.

Why are you excited about the Digital Music Observatory and is there a reason you decided to participate in this initiative?

Seeing how the pandemic decimated the music industry, specifically in-person events, made me feel a lot of empathy for musicians and the economics of their situation, especially with how musicians generate a living income through their music. The importance of data and having open access promotes transparency, fairer wages (ideally), and levels the playing field for musicians of all sizes and popularity.

Our [retroharmonization software]( helps the creation of objective and comparable indicators about how musicians [make a living](, or how people think about [climate challenges](
Our retroharmonization software helps the creation of objective and comparable indicators about how musicians make a living, or how people think about climate challenges.

I decided to participate in this challenge because I love how data is a secret weapon that anyone can use to re-balance the interests of creators, distributors, and consumers.

Is there a number that recently surprised you? What was it?

This is a little silly but very recently I watched the 101 Dalmatians movie. After watching the movie, I was curious to see if there was a correlation between the release of the movie and the number of Dalmations adopted afterwards. 101 Dalmatians was released in 1985 and 1991 which made thousands of families (in the U.S.) want to adopt one. The American Kennel Club reported that the annual number of Dalmatian puppies registered skyrocketed from 8,170 animals to 42,816.

Photo: John o' Groats, [Unsplash license](
Photo: John o’ Groats, Unsplash license.

This information is interesting because it validates the idea of how culture influences consumer behavior. I think it’s really cool that we can measure cultural collisions and how it impacts the way we act, think, and respond.

What can our automated data observatories do to make open data more credible in the European economic policy community, or in the music business community more accepted?

I believe that people, in general, appreciate and understand the importance of data. But, it can be overwhelming, sometimes scary, and intimidating to deal with (esp. in large quantities).

However, I feel more people are open to the idea of using data and understand the value of leveraging data to share objective truths. Something that our automated data observatories can do is to provide more opportunities to educate and train data admirers that data is not scary, that it is accessible, and it is here to help uncover insights that can’t be immediately seen.

Join our open collaboration Green Deal Data Observatory team as a [data curator](/authors/curator), [developer](/authors/developer) or [business developer](/authors/team), or share your data in our public repository[Green Deal Data Observatory on Zenodo](
Join our open collaboration Green Deal Data Observatory team as a data curator, developer or business developer, or share your data in our public repositoryGreen Deal Data Observatory on Zenodo

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Join our open collaboration Green Deal Data Observatory team as a data curator, developer or business developer. More interested in antitrust, innovation policy or economic impact analysis? Try our Economy Data Observatory team! Or your interest lies more in data governance, trustworthy AI and other digital market problems? Check out our Digital Music Observatory team!

Annette Wong
Annette Wong
Contributor, digital strategist and product marketer

I am a digital strategist and product marketer with a passion for data science, creative industries, and emerging technology.